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Speed Events Exhibition - June 5th, 2017

2017 Summer Series Dates

Sunday – Roping and Rough Stock Events

Monday - Speed Events

2017 Summer series dates: June 5th-warm up speed night June 11,12 wk #1 June 18,19 wk#2 June 25,26 wk#3 July 2,3 wk#4 July 9,10 wk#5 July 16,17 wk #6   Rain dates: July 23,24 July 30,31 Aug 6,7   Banquet: August 20th   VIEW RESULTS!!!  Order of Events Information  Rules    Documents you will need in order to participate:   Membership Form (Family members are defined as immediate family members.  Birth Certificates are required and proof of legal guardianship will be required to ride on the same membership. You can buy a $10 permit to ride each week if you don’t want to buy a membership but you will not be eligible for prizes) Minor’s Release Birth Certificate Coggins Papers Signed Rules Acknowledgement Memo  Sunday Night Entry Form Monday Night Entry Form   Sponsor Forms General Sponsor Form Work Points/Raffle Ticket Info for all events EXCEPT: Mutton Bustin’, Leadline, & Stickhorse To be eligible for any prizes you must get your arena and concession work points, sell a book of raffle tickets, and participate in 4 out of 6 nights of the summer series. Work points arena: Each family must get one point in the arena each night that they participate in order for their participation to count, including points. A buy out is available for $25 per point. Buyout must be paid before entering next week. Rule for prize eligibility of participating in 4 out of 6 also applies. Concession work points: Each family must work one 2 hour shift in the first three weeks or pay a $75 buyout AND each family must work one 2 hour shift in the second 3 weeks of the summer series or pay a $75 buyout. (Each family must have 2 concession shifts)     Work Points/Raffle Ticket Info for Mutton Bustin’, Leadline, & Stickhorse Participation contestants only need ½ as many work points as stated above. 3 arena points and 1 concession shift. If you are riding in participation events, as well as the other events for points, this exception does not apply to you.  You can buy out of your work points if you would like to – refer to the summer series rules FMI.   Raffle Tickets: AY is self supported throughout the year. Each family is asked to sell a book of raffle tickets to help support the organization. Whoever sells the most tickets will receive a VIP buckle at the awards banquet!!   New Rule Changes to Note:   All Around Awards: - 6 All-Around saddles will be awarded to the high point boy and girl in each age group for ALL points earned in ALL events during the summer series.  All points received by a contestant will go toward the all-around award regardless of the number of times participated in that event.  For example, on the 5th week a contestant can add on an event that he normally does not enter and those points will count toward the all around award but would not make the participant eligible for year-end awards.   Jr. Tiedown Ropers: – Junior Tie down contestants only - will have the option for assistance in flanking their calf and if calf is down when they get to it, the calf does not have to be gotten up.  Contestant must have both feet on the ground and will receive a ten (10) second penalty for having assistance to flank calf or if they do not get the calf up.  AYLAA will assign the assistant for all Jr. Tiedown contestants.  If the junior roper does not wish to have assistance, he is responsible before he begins the run to make sure the arena judge is notified that no assistance is wanted.  Otherwise, all junior ropers will receive assistance in flanking their calves.  Senior contestants may not receive any assistance.   Senior contestants also must get their calf up if they are down when they get to it.   Rough Stock Riders: All rough stock riders must wear an approved helmet in order to participate in any rough stock event. AYLAA will provide helmets and vests for mutton busters. All other rough stock must provide their own equipment. Team Ropers: All team roping tickets must be turned in to the announcer box by 8:30 each Monday in order to be entered. If you do not turn in by 8:30, will not be allowed to rope. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Know who your partner is and make sure they are entering! Pre-entries: You can pre-enter for the following weeks, after 8:45 each week. If you pre-enter after 8:45, your check will not be deposited until after you ride. You can also pay up front for all weeks if you choose to when you enter for the night. NO REFUNDS of fees or memberships after you enter without a vet or doctors release.   

Attention Rough Stock Riders! New Helmet Law!

New Law requires rough stock riders to wear a particular helmet. AY has purchased helmets for the mutton busters to wear. All other rough stock riders will be required to provide their own. YOU MUST HAVE AN APPROVED HELMET TO PARTICIPATE!   You can purchase your helmet at www.usrodeosupply.com View helmet information sheet
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