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Speed Events Exhibition - June 5th, 2017

2017 Summer Series Dates

Sunday – Roping and Rough Stock Events

Monday - Speed Events

2017 Summer series dates: June 5th-warm up speed night June 11,12 wk #1 June 18,19 wk#2 June 25,26 wk#3 July 2,3 wk#4 July 9,10 wk#5 July 16,17 wk #6   Rain dates: July 23,24 July 30,31 Aug 6,7   Banquet: August 20th   VIEW RESULTS!!!  Order of Events Information  Rules    Documents you will need in order to participate:   Membership Form (Family members are defined as immediate family members.  Birth Certificates are required and proof of legal guardianship will be required to ride on the same membership. You can buy a $10 permit to ride each week if you don’t want to buy a membership but you will not be eligible for prizes) Minor’s Release Birth Certificate Coggins Papers Signed Rules Acknowledgement Memo  Sunday Night Entry Form Monday Night Entry Form   Sponsor Forms General Sponsor Form WORK POINTS:  Each family (per membership) must attain work points in the arena and in the concession stand in order for contestant to receive points/prizes.  If a contestant has a problem attaining work points, contact an AYLAA director.  See the summer series secretary if you are interested in buying out.  The buy-out for the arena or the concession work points is $200 each, or $400 for both. Turning in a $400 sponsorship, will exempt the contestant from all work points (concession and arena).   Note: Participation events are only required to have half as many work points as regular participants, see PARTICIPATION EVENTS NOTED BELOW. 1. ARENA: Each family (per membership) must accumulate 1 work point in the arena for :  each night they participate.  Each event worked is worth 1 point. The sign-up sheet for the arena work points is located on the table below or in the announcer’s stand.  Be sure to write the first and last name of the contestant you are working for in order to receive credit for the work point.  To buy out your arena work points, you must pay $25 before your next entry in order for your event points to count from the last practice, or pay $200 for the series.  2. CONCESSION: Each family (per membership) must complete 2 work points/sessions, of two hours each, in the concession stand.  A 2-hour shift in the concession stand is worth 1 point/session.  The first session must be earned within the first 3 weeks of the summer series and the second session must be earned within the second 3 weeks of the summer series. Sign-up sheet is in the concession stand.  Only individuals 14 years and older will be allowed to work in the concession stand. Be sure to write the first and last name of the contestant you are working for in order to receive credit for work points/sessions.  To buy out the concession work points/sessions, you must pay $100 before entering the 4th week of summer series in order for your event points to count for the first half of the summer and $100 by the end of the last week of summer series in order for your event points to count for the second half of the summer.    Raffle Tickets: AY is self supported throughout the year. Each family is asked to sell a book of raffle tickets to help support the organization. Whoever sells the most tickets will receive a VIP buckle at the awards banquet!!   New Rule Changes to Note:   Rough Stock Riders: All rough stock riders must wear an approved helmet in order to participate in any rough stock event. AYLAA will provide helmets and vests for mutton busters. All other rough stock must provide their own equipment. Pre-entries: You can pre-enter for the following weeks, after 8:45 each week. If you pre-enter after 8:45, your check will not be deposited until after you ride. You can also pay up front for all weeks if you choose to when you enter for the night. NO REFUNDS of fees or memberships after you enter without a vet or doctors release.   

Attention Rough Stock Riders! New Helmet Law!

New Law requires rough stock riders to wear a particular helmet. AY has purchased helmets for the mutton busters to wear. All other rough stock riders will be required to provide their own. YOU MUST HAVE AN APPROVED HELMET TO PARTICIPATE!   You can purchase your helmet at www.usrodeosupply.com View helmet information sheet
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